Who We Are
Students Up To Good is a collective of concerned Inglewood youth whose mission is to inform all students about the many social, economic and political issues, present in and outside the classroom, that limits access to higher education.  We aim to teach students of their histories and its relevance, various structures of oppression, in addition to the opportunities and resources available to better facilitate their transition to a higher-learning institution.

What We Do
As a collective comprised of mostly first-generation college students, we hope to empower youth to feel confident, capable, and dignified as members of their communities and students from Inglewood through various events, activities, and teach-ins that provide knowledge often omitted or deemphasized in public schooling. We ask students to challenge dominant ideas and ways of knowing about the culture, language, history, and multiple identities of themselves and of others often learned in social institutions. We  encourage students to think critically, become agents of change, and to engage in positive academic, social, and political endeavors.

Why We Do It
Our purpose is to foster an outlet for creative leadership and self-expression. In addition, we feel a great need to generate an open dialogue between teachers and students about problems that hinder the academic success and personal growth of youth in Inglewood. We aim to strengthen the communication and cooperation amongst black/African American and Latino residents (who comprise a significant percentage of the student population) and essentially unify all members of the Inglewood community. In result, we strive to create a positive outlook on our city; and to move away, respectively, from its notoriety for gang violence, police brutality, and high school dropout rates, all social conditions produced by legacies of injustice. Ultimately, we stand to create a diverse community of active leadership and positive civic engagement rooted in social justice.


One Response to “About”

  1. Lisbet Ballon April 5, 2010 at 3:05 am #

    Love what you intent to do with Inglewood youth. As an IHS alumnus I know that our Inglewood students will greatly benefit from your guidance. Please keep me informed of any upcoming events.
    Thank You,
    Lisbet Ballon

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