Ways in Which We Can Support the Dream Act

4 May

The country’s oldest and largest national student organization, United States Student Association (USSA) is at the forefront of campaigning for the Dream Act.   They have created an organizing manual for students everywhere to use.  This manual includes a list of things students can do on campus and in their community.  Please check out the website for specifics that USSA has lain out.


USSA’s 8 Ways You Can Support the Dream Act

  1. Build a Campus Coalition
  2. Lobby Your Congressperson & Senator
  3. Submit an Open-Editorial & Letter-to-the-Editor
  4. Host a Film Screening
  5. Host a Grass Roots Organizing Weekend on Your Campus
  6. Get Your Student Government to Pass A Resolution Supporting DREAM Act
  7. Organize a Rally or Event
  8. Organize a Community Forum or Campus Rally About the DREAM Act

More apparent, we can collect petition signatures in our community and our schools, send emails to our members of Congress and to President Obama and join the efforts of state or local coalitions (DREAM Team L.A. for example).

Please visit:




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