Some Final Dates to Remember

15 Feb

From our retreat earlier today, we discussed some final dates, assigned tasks and other ways of continuing outreach. We agreed on the importance of keeping our workshops as recent & relevant to current social issues in Inglewood and/or cities like Inglewood. We ask of everyone to continue their efforts in researching LA based grants & getting into contact with L.A.-based activists, motivational speakers, theatre arts folk and musical performers, professors, and professionals from Inglewood. We discussed the need to stay local and rely on donations first  in accumulating the necessary resources for our project/ future events. We also decided to create a message board to keep the conversation flowing on ways to achieve social justice/ keep people interested & motivated to make change in their communities. Please create a thread to get the ball rolling.  (Link to be posted later.)
Here are the dates:

By Sunday Feb. 28th –> Everyone should be ready to Report Back on information regarding workshop coordinators &  performers for the conference. We will finalize an outline of workshops & coordinators, keynote speaker & performers.

By Saturday March 6th–> A  finalized outline of expenses.

Due date of Liberty Hill grant is March 15th.


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