Happy Sunday!

31 Jan

Hey Sup G Collective! Here are our list of tasks to accomplish by the end of the

1. Everyone look over the Solidarity Letter & Guest Speaker scripts (sent out via email by C) & send them out to our potential allies & workshop coordinators. This may include former& current teachers, counselors or professors even Inglewood professionals. Remember to introduce yourself first & then, add in the scripts. We need all support we can get!

2. Meet with your West/East coast group once a week on Skype! West Coast’s group finalized meeting time: Thursdays at 8pm. East coast get it togetha!

3. Research other grants. We’re looking at Liberty Hill & Do Something.org but we need at least 3 others to submit. Any dollar amount is appreciated!

4. Research & get into contact with other organizations who have successfully run social justice conference at a high school. We must know our legal rights & any obstacles we might face.

5. Some edits made to the mission statement (sent out via email). Make comments & suggestions. Then, approve it!

6. **Sup G Collective Retreat: Outline Surveys, Workshops, Proposal to Green Dot/ Animo Inglewood, and our Grant Proposals. Monday February 15th (Presidents’ Day) 9 to 12p pacific time/12 to 3p eastern time. Attendance is mandatory!

Have a great week! ❤

*Sup G meets every Sunday on Skype from 12 to 3p pacific time/3 to 6p eastern.. subject to change depending on the availability of all members. Sub groups have been divided into West/East coast members that meet once a week!


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