19 Jan

Hey everyone, please look over the agenda with ideas in mind in order to engage with each point of order during our next meeting. Go over “What Can We Do Now?” and develop strategies for each suggestion listed.  Be on time & confirm your attendance via email! Time is of essence, we need to work diligently these next few weeks in order to finalize our proposal by March. There is much to be done in the meantime please bring any new resources or research that may be helpful to our project.

One love,
B & C.

Next Sup G meeting: Sunday January 24th 12-3p

on Skype. *email your username to studentsuptogood@gmail.com

Here is the agenda for this upcoming meeting….
-Introduction/New Members/Questions
-Solidarity letters/ PTA mtgs/ research
legal rightseport Back on News/Outreach/Networking
-Direction of Collective Beyond Conference
-Create date for event proposal to Animo/
Green Dot & list of representatives (dates
for spring break)
-Finalize proposal/goal & how we will measure
our success.
-Outline workshops (propose three focus
areas: environmental justice, LGBTQ issues,
and economic justice.)
-Writing grant proposals for Liberty Hill’s
Fund for Change due March 15, 2010
-Ideas for Fundraising/Asking for Donations
-Drafting a Constitution & Surveys

-What can we do now?
Solidarity letters/ PTA mtgs/ research
legal rights/research backup locations/
guest speakers for workshops/trainings
continue outreach & networking & taking
suggestions for the collective.


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