Happy New Year!

9 Jan

Now let’s get started!

Our final mission statement (we will review it with all members of the collective this Sunday) is posted under the ‘About’ section. Our next works include a constitution and our proposal to Green Dot/ Animo Inglewood. Some of us have begin networking and expanding on our resources. Chuco’s Justice Center has offered their facility to hold our official meetings and an Ethnic Studies teacher at Animo Locke has also offered his help.  Also, a professor in the Political Science department at SMC has offered assistance as well.

We ask for everyone to seek out resources and network with faculty/counselors/people on your campuses. Our project is something we cannot go into alone or unprepared (you will be surprised on how many people stand for our cause).

Please take a look at Chuco’s website and briefly read over this article on student resistance:
Dealing with Student Resistance: Sources and Strategies

“Education about diversity and social justice is a deeply emotional and psychological process, not simply an intellectual one. Often when we ask people to engage with questions of social justice, we are asking them to question their fundamental belief systems—how they see themselves and make sense of the world. It is therefore not surprising that, even when armed with great information, stimulating activities, and compelling issues, we find ourselves asking why our students fail to engage with—or even actively resist—our course content. This tendency to resist is particularly common among people from privileged groups—those in the more powerful positions in a given form of oppression (sexism, racism, heterosexism, classism, etc.). Many educators find resistance from students from privileged groups to be one of the more challenging aspects of teaching diversity and social justice.”

This quarter/semester our meetings will be held via Skype. Please make an account before


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