Hey Everyone!

21 Nov

This is our space to keep into contact with one another.

Here’s an introduction. I hope we can create an open dialogue of what we want to see as a collective happen.

The project I have in my mind is a student initiated, student-run conference held in our city for high school students and members of our community. The conference will consist of guest speakers, performances, and student-led workshops aimed to better inform* high school students, parents, and community members on the many issues public schools leave out that are essential to the growth and leadership of our communities. The focus of this collective is to promote higher education and inform everyone on how access to higher learning institutions continue to be threatened by systems of oppression* often reproduced in public schools from K-12. The conference will reflect on issues of high school drop-out rates, gang violence, police brutality, rape, poverty, and drug abuse that are unique to our city. This will require extensive community organizing, writing proposals, holding meetings with school and city officials, building alliances with teachers, parents and community leaders. We will also need to do our research and become experts on the subjects we hope to inform people on. I wish for us to strengthen and share our knowledge with one another. We all come from different backgrounds, different life experiences, different academic goals, and of course levels of social consciousness* yet we are all questioning the ways we were taught to view ourselves, our families, our communities and especially where we come from & ultimately realizing what our schooling lacked.

I’d like to ask everyone if we should focus more on our high school & work with teachers & faculty fron there or if we want it to be accessible to all high school students . What do you think?

*not necessarily “educate” because that implies people are uneducated
*racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, ageism etc
*”..also be defined as social awareness; to be aware of the problems that different societies and communities face on a day-to-day basis; to be conscious of the difficulties and hardships of society.” <— Wikipedia 😀


One Response to “Hey Everyone!”

  1. L7 December 16, 2009 at 1:01 am #

    Charity starts in the home sistuh.

    Consider AICHS the experiment. Let’s not extend to other high schools and risk overwhelming ourselves. We can start on familiar ground and learn from our failures and successes to better help other students from different educational histories.


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